face-paintingFace Painting

Transform your guests into their favorite super hero or a fairy princess. We can accommodate large events with fast but amazing designs, more elaborate and detailed artwork for smaller events.

glitter-tattoosGlitter Tattoos

Perfect for pool parties, these tattoos are waterproof and last between 3 and 7 days. Do something small and dainty or go big with bling!

hennaHenna Tattoos

Henna is better suited for older children, teenagers and adults. These last anywhere from one to three weeks. Each design is hand drawn using freshly made henna. The color varies by person, ranging from brown to red to orange.

whimsical-makeoversWhimsical Makeovers

Makeover parties are so much fun! We arrive with all the tools to makeover your party guests. The most popular themes are princess and rock n’ roll. Guests get their hair, makeup and nails done.

bellyPrenatal Belly Painting

A special way to remember your special bump. We can incorporate your session into your baby shower for a unique and interactive way to amuse guests. We can also do a private, relaxing session in your home or mine.

Living-ArtLiving Art!

Full or partial body art is an interactive way to leave an impression. Great for nightclubs, photo shoots, and promotional events.

Rates start at $80 an hour for all services with a 2 hour minimum.

Ask us about fundraising options.

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We use only water-based FDA compliant cosmetic face paints and cosmetic glitters that wash off with mild soap and water. We do not use any type of craft glitter, acrylic paints or other paints which are not meant for the skin. Our henna is all natural with no added dyes.

Whimsy is licensed and fully insured!

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